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Our Story

Virrayaa symbolises the spiritual concept of energy, persistence and diligence. A name that inspires trust and confidence in our patrons, a name that reflects the radiant vitality of each piece exclusively designed in-house by us.

Diligently crafted, intricately detailed, beautifully executed, each design is a result of over 40 years of expertise, our unwavering love and passion for the craft, and our dedication and commitment to service. With strong presence in Kolkata, Delhi and Guwahati and successful shows for Bridal Asia, Design One, The India Story, and FUSS up our sleeves, we have left a mark in Polki and Jadau jewellery all across the country.

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Our Guiding Principles

  • Faith - built over the years by winning the trust and loyalty of our patrons
  • Effort - that is put into each design by us
  • Mindfulness - to the needs of our patron, whether it be to create a new piece of legacy with our collections, or to redesign an old heritage ornament
  • Concentration - to painstaking measures by ensuring the ease and comfort of the wearer
  • Wisdom - passed down through generations, evolved with the creativity and vision of modernity

Brand History

Established in August 2002 with humble beginnings as Vasundhara Fine Jewellery, the brand evolved into a household name through the artistic gusto and perseverance of our founder, Mrs. Prabha Bajoria. With decades of experience in crafting outstanding jewellery pieces, she initiated our extraordinary journey with every piece reflecting our love, expertise and unique insight.

Prabha ji set the right premise for the next-gen leaders Anuj and Ritu Bajoria to take over the legacy. Anuj and Ritu are a potpourri of executive and creative expertise, whose energies bring out the best of all worlds, taking the now rebranded, Virrayaa, to newer heights. Virrayaa's design sensibilities and artistic vision have also evolved through the years to revolutionise all preferences, styles and innovations in the industry.

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Anuj Bajoria

With practical knowledge of over 15 years in the industry, our CEO Anuj Bajoria, an able leader, has proved himself to be capable of carrying forward the legacy of Virrayaa with an exceptional touch of contemporariness, without tampering with its timelessness. The backbone of Virrayaa, Anuj is the marketing and finance visionary who has learnt it all through his close association with the business from a young age itself. With a great eye for collector pieces and assessing the quality of precious stones, he has what it takes to lead Virrayaa into exploring the untapped potential of polki as well as wider horizons of the jewellery world

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Prabha Bajoria

A spirited woman, driven to achieve her dreams, when Prabha ji realised that her passion to beautify every woman as a bride was getting stronger than ever, her true calling finally found its way. After years of exhortations from friends and family, she arrived at a point where giving her creativity an 'outlet' made all the sense. And so, in the year 2002, Virrayaa (then Vasundhara Fine Jewellery) took shape, leaving the world in anticipation of only the best. To her, customer satisfaction will always remain the priority. As a leader, she has exemplified the true spirit of innovation - one, by transforming old jewellery into new pieces of art; and two, through the power of compassion - by taking great care of karigars and their families as her own, because of which they have remained unmistakably loyal to Virrayaa. As of today, Prabha ji has over four decades of experience in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing spaces, and yet her unassuming interest in helping a bride choose jewellery that matches the outfit remains to be the dearest of all jobs that she has ever ventured into.

Ritu Bajoria

Her discerning eye for details, her diligent attempt to craft every piece, and her infallible interest in broadening her knowledge makes Ritu Bajoria an irreplaceable energy of Virrayaa. Ritu believes in jewellery-making that tells a story - of inner beauty and confidence. She espouses that outer accessories can only help in bringing out one's inherent beauty - but she also believes that it takes something equally breath-taking to match the inner magnificence latent in us. Hence, she brings out effortless beauty into every Virrayaa design. She believes that one must 'fall in love' with the jewellery to be able to then 'exude her beauty' - while bedecking one of our pieces. Her novel ideas stem from her ingrained sense of art, for her artistry is an extension of her emotions. Every work of hers is a true reflection of her compassion, precision and passion for the craft.

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